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I am a 19 year old, but a complete bitch. I can not get enough of cock and a lot of kids of all ages have been sleeping, especially on Saturdays after a moviefap few drinks. When I warm up I need a cock so badly and are often used and abused. in the last 3 weeks I am fucking my best friend moviefap is divorced father. I've always thought many times and wanted his cock. He is 38 years, moviefap physical therapist working for private clients, divorced and lives in a nice big house. He regularly visited his house and get along great. When my friend was not in the presence of something moviefap to flirt with him. Now, it all started when I had a nervous breakdown and went to see him to discuss. I was a little cold that day dressed as a little sloppy, with the hope of happiness. He sat on his bed and slowly began to massage my neck, gently rubbing the affected area principal. His warm hands relax me and I liked his hands around my neck and upper shoulder. Under Horner was always wet. I closed my eyes and sloWLY began to moan. His hands began to wonder about occiaionally seductive and fingered around my chest. He realized the nipples and more difficult, because I had no bra and a loose shirt. His hands moved away from my neck and lower down and close to my chest and encouraged me to go down. Soon he began to massage my two breasts and play with huge nipples. I was naked and started kissing my nipples hot. I was moaning with pleasure. His hands moved to my leg. He put me down and in front of him. Then he lifted my legs and started licking my pussy wet and shaved. It was so good with a soft bite and lick my clit. I was in heaven, and up to a massive orgasm. He pulled down his pants and exposed his big cock. He did not take the time to give my pussy and moviefap began to fuck me hard, very hard. 44D continued to massage my tits erect. I could not wait to come and one with multiple relapses, shouted with joy and relevantroasting my juices around his cock. He continued to fuck me for a few minutes until it was his sperm in my pussy. I took out my cock and started licking the head and sucked all their semen. then introduced me to her shower and I was rubbing some nice shower gel, until he was hard again and this time she leaned over and grabbed me from behind. The two returned. We are dry and curled up beside him in his bed and slept for an hour. I woke up, kissed moviefap me and told me he has another appointment. I had to leave. I have my massage and above all our shit continued on a regular basis. He makes me suck his cock, riding him and loves to fuck me from behind. He has also filmed us shit. My friend had no idea and thinks I'm fucking other older people. Please say what I should do ?
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Jeudi 17 mai 4 17 /05 /Mai 20:39

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